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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Playing With Fire and Follow that Water Buffalo



Guam International Airport, or Antonio B Won Pat as it is sometimes known, is a huge contrast to Saipan’s sleepy little airport.  The airport in Guam is a “serious” American airport with everything you’d expect to find in an airport in Los Angeles or Miami – namely security – lots of security.  While Guam is geographically port of the Northern Mariana Islands – along with Saipan and Rota – it is NOT part of Micronesia.  It’s American – like Puerto Rico – people born here are American citizens – same as if they were born on the mainland – except they can’t vote in American presidential elections – many here think that’s a plus – given the choices.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm a Scratch for the Rota Triathlon

Northern Mariana Islands
[New Jeff here:   A little context is needed for my Rota adventure.  While in the “Big Smoke” of Saipan there were one or two Internet Cafes - on Rota there were none!  Nada! So I had to keep my journal on a USB stick (they weren’t called thumb drives then) and send them when I arrived on Guam.  When I returned to Rota a year later there were not only more Internet Cafes, but many places had wifi!  And all this was only ten years ago!!!

I should also point out that almost nobody goes to Rota (or at least back then).  Bin Laden thought about hiding there but decided he’d be too lonely.  I decided to go because I’d travelled half way around the world to visit Micronesia and it was only a twenty minute flight from Saipan.]

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Float like a Cork: SInk like an Anchor


Goose & Fin Internet Shop
Well I’m back at the Goose and Fin Internet shop, trying to concentrate while a bill collector is attempting to get his rent money from the owner – evidently the bottom has dropped out of the goose egg market here. 

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