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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Jeopardy answer: "Things that almost float." what is the question?

Important Note:  This is NOT a current trip.  I'm in between trips so I'm "revisiting " some of my favourite trips from the past.  This trip was about 7 years ago to the Philippines.  I don't think things have changes much since them if you're planning on going.

December 1, 2007
“I'll take things that almost float, Alex, for 100 pesos.
“Okay, Jeff, the answer is 'What is a Philippine ferry?”

Sometimes disaster strikes when you least expect it. Of all my travels, and all the crazy things I do, one would hardly expect a twenty minute 5 mile crossing of water as calm as a bath tub could almost turn into a major disaster.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I Survived the run - Money back guarantee off the table.

The White Rock Great Pumpkin 5K run/walk
 Well I survived the Great Pumpkin 5K Run/Walk so the money back guarantee is off the table.  The walk wasn’t as difficult as many of my Gambier hikes.  The first half was a gentle up hill, then a bit of level walking and finally downhill.  My initial thought was that it might take me 90 minutes to walk the 5K but I did it in just under an hour.
Crossing the finish line

I would have been faster except all the kids in strollers and weiner dogs kept passing me.

No problems until I went home.  I got lost trying to get out of White Rock and ended up nearly at the Peace Arch border crossing.   

Amy - my fitness instructor
Thanks to your generosity I raised just over $500.00 – double my estimate!   My cardiac group raised over $13,000.00 of the $60,000.00 raised for the hospital ER.  

Thanks again everyone for your support.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pirates and Sharks in the Philippines

Our transportation
The next morning we were met by Willie, who informed us that he had been hired to drive us to the ferry terminal where we would catch a small banka over to Malapascua island.  Once we arrived, Willie dumped us and our luggage and took off in a hurry.  The reason for his hasty departure became apparent when I went to buy the 50 pesos ($1.00) ticket for the ferry.   From that point the adventure became more like pirates of the Caribbean. We were immediately surrounded by unsavory characters who kept telling us that the 11:00am ferry would not be going for a long time, as there were only two of us waiting.

 “What about all those people over there?” I asked the guy with the eye patch and a parrot perched on his shoulder.
“They're waiting for people coming the other way.” He replied. He threw in an “Arggghhhh!” for good measure.
We finally agreed to pay a boat man $10.00 each for the trip over. Before we could load our suitcases they were snatched out of our hands by five (count 'em, five) more bandits who insisted on loading our 4 suitcases on board, then demanding payment.
The only good think is the boat (run by a gas engine ripped off a lawnmower) didn't sink.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

You're support might save MY life!!!

I have been coerced into participating in a run.  I do not do runs as they generally don’t work out well for me.  The last (and only) time I participated in one was the Vancouver winter 2010 Olympics and that turned out to be a televised national disaster.  All I had to do was run a few hundred meters and hand off the torch to the next runner.  You can click on the YouTube video link below to see how that worked out:

The cardiac rehab group I belong to is participating in the Great Pumpkin Run Walk to raise additional funds for our local hospital’s ER.  Since that was where I was taken when I had my heart attack it was suggested it might be nice if I supported it.  There was no pressure applied to me.  Just a threat to put up pictures of those who DON”T run in the hospital’s ER admitting room with a diagonal line through it and a caption below that reads “Do not resuscitate under any circumstances.”

I suppose if I HAVE to walk for a cause, the cardiac group is a good one for me to support.  I’m not suffering from too many other diseases.  As those of you who follow my blog know, I had a prostate operation a few months ago, but since it wasn’t prostate cancer, it doesn’t count.  It was for a TURP which is a fancy name for a “ream job” so I can pee better, farther and longer (in between).  I suppose I could start a run for the TURP.  But it wouldn’t be very far as we’d need porta-pottys every hundred feet and it would probably take three days to complete the 1K walk.

Then there’s hemorrhoids – but who’s going to get behind that?

So I’m going to bite the bullet and do the 5K walk for the hospital.  But it’s not enough just to walk….  I have to get people to “support” me.  It’s not just the fact that I have to hit up family, friends and readers for cash, it’s what if nobody gives anything?   What does that say about me?  It means I have to make up names – and how demeaning is that?

So I’ve decided to take a page out of those Vegamatic commercials and market myself better.  So here’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to make you an offer no one else has ever made to you when appealing for support on one of these run/walks:  If I fail to complete the walk because I have a have a heart attack doing it, I’ve instructed my wife to make sure that each and every one of you get a full refund! How’s that for a money back lifetime guarantee?  

But wait...  There’s MORE!!!

If I actually die doing this (and there’s always that chance – look again at the torch drop.  See how close I came to setting myself on fire).  I’ve instructed her to give you double your money back!   Pledge just  ten bucks, and if I croak you get twenty back!   Further, if you bid a hundred dollars or more, I’ll take you off all my mailing lists!

So, I’m appealing to you to support a great cause – me…     and the Peace Arch Hospital  & Community Health Foundation  on the Great Pumpkin Run Walk on Sunday October 18th.    You can pledge your support to me by going HERE and clicking on my name and pledging a few bucks for a good cause.  Five bucks?  Ten bucks?  Whatever.  I’m a low achiever so I’ve set my goal low.  So forget the cause just click on the link and make me look good. 

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