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Sunday, October 13, 2019

A quick update: I got my star!

Just not quite in the way I envisioned.   After my son, Elan, went home after the induction, he told his six-year-old daughter, Violet, that Zeyde (me) was sad because he didn’t get a star.  Violet suggested they could make me one.  So on Saturday, along with her father, they spent the day to create a star just like the ones on the sidewalk.   When I walked into their house for Thanksgiving dinner, there it was taped to the floor!

I thought my grandchildren wouldn’t appreciate who I was unless I had a star on the sidewalk to show I was important.  I was wrong.  They always knew I was important – not as a writer or a producer - but as their zeyde.   It wasn’t the star I thought I wanted, but it was the star I needed.  It made for a very special thanksgiving.   I have a lot to be thankful for.
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