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About Me

 I went to UBC and graduated with a degree in Geology and Geophysics.  Lasted in that business about six minutes.

Enrolled in a Masters of English program at Simon Fraser where I got sidetracked writing comedy for CBC radio (came up with a show called "Dr. Bundolo's Pandemonium Medicine Show").

I Moved on to TV eventually doing shows featuring Paul Anka, Smothers Brothers, Tony Orlando & Dawn and others.

I was an original staff member at CKVU where I was the first writer on the Vancouver Show (with Mike & Pia) then went on to eventually become the executive producer.  Got fired and rehired six time over 3 years by Daryl Duke (who went on to be a lifelong friend!)

Formed my own production company in the 90's and did many shows for all the Canadian networks and some of the American ones.  Eventually settled into a partnership with computer guru, Steve Dotto, and produced his show for a decade.

I fell into travel writing  a few years ago and now travel to weird, wonderful and dangerous  places around the world recounting my mis-adventures in the papers across Canada and in magazines around the world.

We have a cottage on Gambier Island and John Meyers as a next door neighbour!

I spend my time writing screenplays nobody reads and enjoying  my grandchildren.

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