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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monkey Business in Kenya - Why You Should Never Feed the Monkeys!

Masai with cell phone

After the four days in Masai Mara Park I was looking forward to Mombasa.  The flight was uneventful.  The only strange thing is that Kenyans don’t seem to care about the silly ban on using your cell phone on the plane.  Fully half of them were gabbing on their cell phones and text messaging the whole trip back.  Almost ALL of Kenya is covered by cell phone coverage.  In fact Kenya, has for the most part, skipped the hard wire telephone and gone directly wireless phones.  Now if they could only do the same for the Internet where the words “broadband” and “wireless” don’t exist - even in the capitol city of Nairobi. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Out of Africa - My encounter with the deadly "White Leech of Death"

February 2015 - Yelapa, Mexico

As our three month winter vacation in Yelapa draws to a close it’s time to start thinking where next to send my blog follower while I consider my options for my next adventure. 
I've been following events in West Africa with the same trepidation as the rest of you.  I am heartened to see they are turning the corner to get EBOLA under control.  Coupled with the new testing of several promising vaccines, we may see an end to this scourge once and for all.

A less reported side effect of the outbreak is the effect it’s had on the tourism industry in the other counties of East Africa.  Tourism has drastically declined as people tend to look at Africa as one “place.”   The same rational greatly effected tourism in western Canada more than a decade ago during the SARS outbreak in Toronto.  It didn’t matter that Vancouver was 4000 km away from Toronto; people’s perception was that nowhere in Canada was safe.  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Today's News - Cyclone Devastates Vanuatu - Where the Heck is Vanuatu?

The lead news today is that the South Pacific Island of was utterly devastated by a super Cyclone.  So where the heck is Vanuatu?

Vanuatu is a small island republic in the South Pacific - sort of in the neighbourhood of Fiji and the Solomon Islands.

I visited  Vanuatu seven years ago,  I thought you might be interested.

Monday, March 2, 2015

If you're going to a knife fight bring a Machete

Our new casa

One thing apparent when you're traveling in a third world country like Mexico is they don’t do things the same way as we do in North America or Europe.  Take building for instance:  anyone who travels extensively will notice construction techniques in these countries are very different from ours.  Buildings  are not built quickly. We recently rented a brand new two bedroom home in the little Mexican town of Yelapa .  Our neighbours informed us the construction of this modest dwelling took ten years.  That’s for several reasons:  first of all everything is done by hand.  Every brick and bag of cement is hauled by hand (or burro) from the beach, up the road, up sixty stairs to the building site. 

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