Spain Gaudi Cathedral Sagrada Familia

Spain Barcelona Gaudi and Jeff

Running of the Bulls group

Spain Bullfighting

San Sabastian Spain


Yelapa the pie lady

Yelapa good day fishing

Colombia Jeff in Jeep

Colombia Jeff at Pablo’s grave

Cartagena Colombia

Salt Cave Colombia

Yelapa Dave making Latkas

Galapagos Lion Island

Galapagos Colored Lizard

Galapagos Post Office

Galapagos Post Office

Curt with Fish

Horse and ATV on Yelapa Road

Tik Tok in Yelapa

water taxi in Yelapa

Mysterious store in Yelapa

Beachfront in Yelapa

Jeff with Witch Doctor in Peru

Jeff with snake

Boat in Peru

Tuk Tuks in Peru

wild Dog Botswana


White Leach Kenya

Luxury Tent Kenya Masai Mara 

Giraffes and Zebras Kenya

Hippos Botswana

Elephants Uganda??

Murchison Falls in Uganda

Botswana Giraffes

Pretty Penny and Monkey guide in Uganda

Lady with broken leg in jungle in Uganda

Monkey in Uganda

Gorilla in Uganda

Gorilla in Uganda

Tree Rwanda?

Leopard on log Botswana

Lions Kenya

Charging Elephant Botswana


Ha Long Bay Vietnam

Ha Long Bay Vietnam

River scene in Vietnam

Coron Village ?on Philippine Islands

Coron on Philippine Islands at Sunset

Coron on Philippine Islands

Thailand Tiger by the tail

water village in China

Rafting Trip in Thailand