More Grobetrotting

More Grobetrotting

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If you enjoyed Jeff’s travel misadventures in Grobetrotting, you’re in for another round of his mirthful meanderings to the far corners of the planet with More Grobetrotting.  In this follow up book Jeff  is turned loose on a host of other unsuspecting places.

Jeff’s adventures begin on safari in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Botswana where he encounters lions, elephants, and gorillas along with a ferocious lineup of eccentric co-adventurers.  Along the way his encounter with a dreaded “albino leach” throws an entire camp into disarray. 

In a futile attempt to learn a second language Jeff switches continents and visits Mexico, Central America and South America.  His helpful advice to the citizens of Costa Rica on how to run their country results in him being invited in the national newspaper “not to come back.”  But by then he’s on route to the Galapagos Islands to follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin.

Darwin also visited New Zealand, so Jeff does too.  And after a water-soaked visit there he heads to sunny Spain, where he ponders the existential question of whether he’s brave enough to run with the Bulls... or would it be better to sit it out in a bar and watch it on a big screen.

There’s a latitude and longitude of laughs in sore for readers as Jeff continues his travels in this hilarious sequel to Grobetrotting.


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